ImageTake Time.

What does this mean? I considered the title “Make Time”, but let’s be honest: in order to insert time for “x” activities, we (as the busy people we are) have to TAKE time from other activities. Time (as energy) cannot be created or destroyed. But it can be repartitioned (like space on your hard drive) to include other (more life-affirming) activities.

What is the “Take Time Challenge”?

One of the weekly yoga classes that I teach takes place over 10-week sessions. I’m constantly looking for ways to link classes together, to theme, to further motivate yogis to take yoga off-the-mat and into the world. Yesterday, on September 18, was the beginning of approximately our 15th round of 10-week sessions together. What could I possibly do that hasn’t been done before?

Seriously, this is what my yoga-class planning looks like at times.

In light of all the online “challenges” that I have been seeing online (the “Whole Life Challenge“, “Vegan Challenge“, “1-week Veggie Challenge“, “Whole30 Challenge“, “10,000 Steps Challenge“… I need not go on), I wanted to create one that I know is needed amongst my family, friends, students, patients, and… well, me. I was inspired by a book my good friend recently gave me as a gift (a.k.a. a friendly nudge in the right direction).  A (seemingly simple) little book by Dan Zadra called “Take Time“. In it, each page is dedicated to something else for which we must “take time“. Simple, no? Easy? No. Not in true practice.

Here are the “rules”:

  1. Each day, a maximum of 5 pointscan be rewarded:
    • Take time for Body (1 pt)
    • Take time for Mind (1 pt)
    • Take Time for Soul (1 pt)
    • Take time for Others (2 pts)
      • Note: for those who attend my yoga class weekly, you receive an automatic 5 points on the day of our class!
  2. The points can be achieved in the following ways (but creativity is always encouraged!):
    • Take time for Body examples (do one per day):
      • If you are a person who skips meals, take time to eat lunch
      • If you are a person who eats on the run, take time to sit and eat, no distractions
      • If you are a person who makes poor food choices (due to time restrictions), take time to cut up some fruits, veggies, or prepare your own whole food snacks
      • If you make excuses to avoid daily movement, do something (anything!) active for at least 20 minutes
      • If you work inside, go outside for at least 10-20 minutes
    • Take time for Mind examples (do one per day):
      • Meditate, at least 20 minutes. Note – meditation can mean any of the following:
        • Sitting outside or inside, in silence
        • Walking mindfully, in silence
        • Sitting alone, breathing, in silence
        • Any meditation technique that you have previously learned
        • Any meditation technique that you have been meaning to learn
      • Take a bath and relax the nervous system, at least 20 minutes
      • Take 50-100 mindful breaths (in one “session”)
    • Take Time for Soul:
      • This is determined weekly by my little book. I read a random page and quote in class, post it online here afterwards, and we keep it in mind ALL WEEK LONG. This is your chance to be creative with your “take time activity”. Keep it simple and achievable, and aim for 10-20 minutes per day.
        • Take time to IMAGINE. 
        • “Let your mind fly toward ‘what-if?’ Let your what-if become ‘why-not?’ Then you are on your way. ~ Earnie Larsen and Carole Larsen
          • Examples of activities:
            • Start making your vision board.
            • Write down a vision of yourself at the end of 10-weeks.
            • Do something creative – draw, paint, sing, play.
            • Play make-believe with children.
            • Play make-believe with adults.
    • Take time for Others (bonus points!):
      • To achieve these points, you must take 2o minutes to be fully presentwith another living being in a day. This means:
        • no distractions (tv, internet, movies, video games)
        • no multi-tasking
        • just you and ______ (and ______, and ______ …) time to CONNECT
  3. We strive to be honest with ourselves.

The Power Triad…

And then what…?

Each week, I will be posing MY results of the week and the next “soul challenge“. (Follow my blog to receive email updates!) At the end of ten weeks, we tally up our results, and see what happens. 🙂 Perhaps a prize for the highest points? Perhaps the prize will be greater personal connection, within and without? 😉

Best of luck to you all. I will try to think of ways to make this more interactive and fun as we go along! Stay tuned…