If you were to think of the opposite of “grounded”, what would you think of? It is probably a bad sign if you see yourself, rushing to and fro, as you might typically do on a typical day. However, it is also something very common in our society– many of us have lost our “grounded-ness”, and with the disconnect within, struggle to reclaim it.

The Right to be Here, to Have

The first chakra (muladhara, or root) is responsible for keeping us grounded, keeping us safe. It is developed in utero and through our infancy. We learn, through these early stages, what our primal needs are and how it feels to have them met (or not met). This is where we claim our right to be here on this earth, the right to reside in the body we have been given, and the right to have our needs met. When our needs are met, we feel safe, secure, attached to our roots, and positive about our presence on earth. The opposite is fear and disconnect– fear of loss, of change and of others; disconnect from ourselves, from our roots, and from others.

“Scared is what happens when the sacred gets scrambled.” ~Anon

Holding Firm

All chakra imbalances have their roots here, at the root. It is a fundamental need to obtain nourishment, security, and feel at home– both on this earth and within our bodies. We grow from the ground up, and we only feel safe to grow and develop if these conditions are met.

“The mighty oak was once a little nut that stood it’s ground.” ~Anon

Thus, before anything, we must feel safe. We reclaim our roots by reconnecting to our bodies and practicing presence and acceptance within. We assess and confirm our solid foundation– in yoga, the stability of our feet and legs on the earth; in life, the support we have around us and the strength we have within. Then, when our bodies and minds are convinced that they belong and that they are in good hands, we can grow, change, and live.

This week, we are reaffirming our security and safety, we are reconnecting to our bodies, and we are nourishing our roots so that we may be in a better position to progress.

Muladhara Chakra Homework: Give yourself a foot massage… or two… or three. Those roots work hard for you: show them your appreciation and reconnect.

Wear Red.