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New Years resolutions. Some are kept, some are forgotten (sometimes in the first week!). Some are useful… others are not at all. Every year, I take a different stance on the whole phenomenon of “New Years resolutions”. Often I consider that resolutions set us up to failure, disappointment, self-deprecation, self-doubt… self-defeat. This is not a life-affirming practice. However, do resolutions have to mean disappointment? If our resolutions were not so goal-oriented, would we still follow them? Maybe they should be more realistic? And perhaps if we took them one at a time?

This year, a looser definition of “resolution” is going to apply. There will be no “I-will-work-out-5-times-a-week”, no “I-will-do-homework-every-night”. I am resolving to resolve differently. There will be forgiveness, yet real, palpable, and most of all, life-affirming goals to keep in mind at all times. Goals that apply to quality of life, without focusing on small details such as waist size, grade point average, or strict rising times.

For this session of yoga, we will be going through some of my “new” New Years resolutions—ones that I think everyone can relate to—as the focus for each class. This way, I am reminded weekly as we explore together. So, this first class, we are all going to resolve to resolve differently. This means being loving to ourselves and others, and changing some of our goals from unforgiving (“By February I should be able to hold bakasana for 1 minute”) to supportive, encouraging, and infused with light and joy (“I will enjoy the strength I have everyday, physically, while holding bakasana, and mentally”).


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